Virtual Private Cloud


Virtual Server and Storage

This Service offers on-demand virtual servers with elastic computing power and scalability, pay-as-you go pricing and round the clock service support to businesses across different industries. It is an on-demand IaaS service designed to reduce server cost of ownership, upfront capital expenses and streamline the application deployment process. 


Customer Challenges

Budget constraints, dynamic market demands, capacity upgrades and ever-evolving technologies are some of the IT challenges that most businesses face today. To cope with a fast-moving business world, IT professionals must look for an efficient way to support business growth while reducing the total cost of ownership of IT. HCSC Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that solves these challenges by integrating best-of-breed enterprise class computing architecture, professional expertise and industry-proven standard processes to address business needs. HCSC Virtual Server and Storage is designed to deliver server resources rapidly, dynamically and securely. More importantly, you can eliminate server cost of ownership and reduce overall operational and management cost while increasing your operational efficiencies.


Solution Description

This service provides customers an online server with dynamic compute capacity running Microsoft® Windows® or Linux operating system platforms. CPU processing power, memory and storage capacity can be dynamically allocated to your server on demand. Our service extends your server infrastructure into the HCSC network via a virtual private network or a private leased line connection, while offering you complete control of your server instances through the HCSC self-service web portal.


Key Features

  • Virtual server supports various Microsoft Windows Server and Linux operating system platforms


  • Various types of virtual server performance service offerings are available
  • General Purpose Virtual Server
  • Compute Intensive Virtual Server
  • Windows with SQL Virtual Server

General Purpose Virtual Server – well suited for general purpose server systems with configuration differentiated by vCPU count, memory size and system disk capacity 


Compute Intensive Virtual Server – well suited for compute intensive application systems requiring more CPU resources to deliver high computing processing power supporting such applications



Windows with SQL Virtual Server – cost effective Windows Virtual Server bundled with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008R2 Standard that is well suited for customers requiring  a dedicated SQL database system to support the solution deployment

  •  Three tiers of disk storage performance service offerings for use by a virtual server to support different kinds of server solution deployment 


  • Persistent data disk supporting NTFS, FAT and various EXT file system formats
  • Centralized Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to safeguard Internet level attack
  • Dedicated tenant firewall with user configurable firewall policies to protect and safeguard customer virtual servers
  • Dedicated network VLANs and Private IP address space for virtual server deployment
  • Secure network connectivity to virtual servers via IPSec VPN network tunnel, Point-to-Point leased line or the Internet


Solution Diagram