Hosted Private Cloud

With Hitachi Blade Server and Hitachi Data System SAN Storage technology, the Hosted Private Cloud service offers  you a high performance and secure managed private cloud solution. The dedicated Blade Server and SAN storage resources give you the high performance and predictability that you need for hosting your critical business applications.


Customer Challenges

Not all applications are born equal and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for enterprise cloud computing, as different companies have different needs.  Many companies still hesitate to move into the cloud because of security and performance concerns. Public clouds provide simple and cost effective solutions, however, public cloud may not the answer for application workloads and data that need higher security, better performance and overall system flexibility.


Solution Description

This service provides a dedicated pool of computing resource with optional vCloud hypervisor and software of your choice. The resources are fully dedicated to you, with no sharing with other tenants. The HDS team of highly experienced technical staff provide ITIL based management of the infrastructure.

The hosted private cloud is highly customizable, fully flexible and provides full control of your private cloud. You can build and design as your organization needs and add or reduce compute and storage resources as required.

You can also subscribe to a dedicated firewall and network connection to ensure the highest level  of security.


Key Features

  • Choice of Dedicated Blade Server
    • Hitachi Blade Server 32GB RAM, 2* Intel Xeon 6-Core Processor, 2*146GB SAS HDD
    • Hitachi Blade Server 64GB RAM, 2* Intel Xeon 6-Core Processor, 2*146GB SAS HDD
    • Hitachi Blade Server 128GB RAM, 2* Intel Xeon 6-Core Processor, 2*146GB SAS HDD
    • Hitachi Blade Server 192GB RAM, 2* Intel Xeon 6-Core Processor, 2*146GB SAS HDD
  • Choice of Dedicated RAID Group Storage with IOPS Performance
    • Database Layer Performance  [ 1TB Usable Capacity ] RAID-10 (4D+4P) using 300GB SAS 15,000rpm  
    • Application Layer Performance  [ 3.1TB Usable Capacity ] RAID-6 (6D+2P) using 600GB SAS 10,000rpm
    • Data-at-rest Layer Performance  [ 16TB useable capacity ] RAID-6 (6D+2P) using 3TB NL-SAS 7,200rpm
  • Extend your corporation datacenter to the cloud
  • Carrier Neutral data centre supporting various kinds of network connectivity from different carriers such as Point-to-Point leased line, Metro Ethernet link, etc.
  • Dedicated VLAN based network segregation securing customer network parameter
  • Dedicated Firewall to safeguard your servers in the cloud environment
  • Optional Software Subscription
    • VMware vCloud Director Software License
    • Microsoft SPLA License
  • ​Fully managed hardware  and maintenance support service
  • Single tenant environment and Full control to organization
  • Single tenant compute and storage infrastructure following our Best Practice Reference architecture
  • Server and storage expertise to provide managed server and storage services
  • 24×7 round the clock system support by service operation center
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
    • Connect your network with your hosted private cloud via Layer 2 encrypted tunnel or dedicated point-to-point network connectivity
    • Move your workload between your on-premise cloud and your hosted private cloud
    • Deploy front-end service in your hosted private cloud and back-end system in  your in-house system