Content as a Service

Content as a Service offers a seamless, on-demand, scalable, secure and backup-free storage solution that combines a minimal or virtual footprint at the customer site with our HCSC storage services.


Customer Challenges

Managing the exponential growth of unstructured data and reducing associated costs, complexities and risks are today’s top most concerns for IT teams. Often, they struggle to provide fast, on-demand storage to users and distributed IT environments, resulting in inconsistent or incomplete backups, underutilized infrastructure and insufficient data protection.


Solution Description

HCSC Content as a Service provides users and applications with a standard (CIFS and NFS) on-ramp solution to our cloud storage service. It eases and simplifies deployment since applications and the way users use storage are not affected.

Since it is a Cloud service, it offers you the flexibility to dynamically grow and shrink capacity according to business demands. Capacity is easily managed using the HCSC Portal, which also provides monitoring and reporting features.


Key Features

  • Provides native Microsoft® Windows® and Linux clients with native read/write file system access to cloud content
  • Migrates data to HCSC storage and maintains a local link to the content
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory® and LDAP
  • Encrypts the data in transit and at rest for maximum security
  • Improved NAS and Microsoft Windows Server® migration:
    • Enables transparent migration of data from NAS and Microsoft Windows Server to the on-site appliance
    • Supports automated throttling and continuous migration of data into the appliance
  • Enhanced file restore
    • Users can retrieve previous file versions
    • Users can retrieve deleted files
    • Maintains file and directory access control
  • Better content sharing
    • Enables multiple customer sites to read from the same HCSC storage namespace and with each other
    • Ensures only one site has write capability, while others have read capabilities
    • Allows easy deployment of a wide area network content distribution framework
    • Supports leading WAN acceleration solutions
  • Tightly integrated with HCSC storage to provide seamless access and a wide range of advanced storage features
  • Increased content preservation
    • Provides long-term file integrity and access along with authentication and retention enforcement
    • Protects and secures content for long-term preservation and is continually checked for integrity
    • Allows retention and disposition services to be set
    • Retrieves rapidly authenticated content through integrated search
  • Bolsters data protection
    • Secures data at object level and integrates with existing Microsoft Active Directory
    • Faster, more granular recovery
    • High reliability with replication, erasure coding and dynamic data protection levels
    • Supports single instances and compression for reduced storage consumption


Key Attributes

  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP
  • Customizable retention policy with each content store
  • Versioning and multiple copies (data protection level)
  • Encryption for data in transit and at rest
  • Optional anti virus service


Key Benefits

  • Reduces cost
    • Consumption-based cloud service model ensures that you only pay for what you use / no more concerns on asset underutilization while moving from capex to opex cost model
    • Automatically deletes expired content using user-defined retention and disposition settings (barring a retention hold)
    • Eliminates backup at the customer site by providing a highly available on-ramp into cloud storage with robust management and governance capabilities
    • Data deduplication and compression control data size by eliminating unnecessary copies and reducing the amount of storage used
  • Reduces complexity
    • Simplifies and speeds up the process of bringing new users or applications on board
    • Easily adapts to changes in scale and mitigates the impact of infrastructure changes
    • Monitors, reports and audits usage through the convenient portal
  • Reduces risk
    • Automates management and enforcement of regulatory, governance and data lifecycle policies
    • Secures and protects content with encryption, WORM, replication, RAID, data integrity checks and more
    • Supports full integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP
  • Reliable performance
    • Technology is based on Hitachi Blade Server and storage solution, streamlining computing performance and ensuring high reliability of service


Service Quality

  • All Service Operation Center staff are ITIL certified
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified 


Solution Diagram