Storage as a Service

The Hitachi Cloud Services Connection (HCSC) Storage as a Service offers immediate virtual data storage with on-demand scalability, a monthly subscription model, and round-the clock  support to businesses across different industries. The on-demand data storage service reduces data storage cost of ownership, lessens upfront capital expenses, and streamlines application deployment processes.


Customer Challenges

Information can be both your greatest asset and challenge. More data means more storage and greater pressure to deploy another rack in an increasingly crowded data center. This makes the procurement cycle more costly, with setup costs and implementation delays becoming a concern every time you need to add more storage space.


Solution Description

HCSC Storage as a Service provides an on-demand storage service that can be accessed using the standard CIFS or NFS protocol. It extends existing storage environments into the HCSC network using a virtual private network or private leased line connection. Designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, it will help you save on hardware and software capital costs. More importantly, you can reduce overall operational and management costs, while increasing operational efficiencies.


Key Features

  • Provides native Microsoft® Windows® and Linux clients with native read/write file system access to cloud content via standard CIFS/NFS protocol
  • Provides native support for iSCSI client; mount and format iSCSI volumes under Windows and Linux
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Easy to deploy: Once configured, it runs automatically
  • Can be accessed via secure IPSec VPN tunnel or point-to-point leased line connection
  • Expands or reduces data storage capacity whenever needed
  • Allows consumption to be monitored closely via HCSC customer web portal
  • Tightly integrated with HCSC Online Backup and Disaster Recovery Services that are also available for customer subscription


Key Attributes

  • Customer web portal for centralized management
  • Scalable cloud storage
  • Multiple tiers of storage performance
  • CIFS and NFS protocol support
  • 100% compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux OS
  • Secure data access to cloud storage
  • Email alerts and notifications for problems and errors


Key Benefits

  • Reliable and secure
    • Service is managed transparently against SLOs
    • Simple and secure deployment
    • Technology is based on Hitachi Blade Server and storage solution, streamlining computing performance and ensuring high reliability
  • Flexibility
    • Bottomless storage
    • Storage performance can be optimized according to needs
    • Storage capacity can be expanded or reduced according to needs
    • Customer data can be migrated (or upgraded) to a higher storage tier seamlessly and transparently
    • No impact on end-user experience
  • Service-oriented deliverables
    • Performance reports
    • 24/7 support centre with alerts and monitoring
  • Cost-effective
    • Eliminates capex costs
    • Reduces operating costs and TCO
    • Simple and affordable monthly subscriptions
    • On-demand pricing


Service Quality

  • All Service Operation Center staff are ITIL certified
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified 


Solution Diagram