Hosted Virtual Desktop

The Hitachi Cloud Services Connection (HCSC) Hosted Virtual Desktop Service offers an on-demand, enterprise-class desktop and storage solution, pay-as-you go pricing, and round-the clock service support to businesses across diverse industries. This subscription-based service is designed to reduce the overall PC desktop cost-of-ownership and upfront capital expenses and streamline desktop and application deployment processes.


Customer Challenges

Budget constraints, continuous desktop operating system and application upgrades, desktop availability and stability, on-going desktop support, and routine desktop patch management tasks are some of the key IT challenges that businesses face today. To cope with the fast-moving business world, IT professionals must look for an efficient way to support their enterprise desktops while also reducing IT total cost of ownership.


Solution Description

HCSC Hosted Virtual Desktop Service offers IT professionals an efficient way to support enterprise desktops while reducing total cost of ownership by integrating best-of-breed enterprise-class desktop computing architecture, professional expertise and industry-proven standard processes. It provides customers online desktops with dynamic compute capacity running either Microsoft® Windows® or Linux desktop operating systems. CPU processing power, memory and disk capacity can be dynamically allocated to each desktop on demand, while end-users can access their virtual desktops using virtual private networks, private leased lines and the Internet. System administrators can also centrally manage and support their enterprise desktops through the HCSC customer portal.


Key Features

  • Features VDI technology based on Citrix XenDesktop
  • Offers Microsoft Windows 2008 Server with Windows Desktop Experience to VDI user
  • Users can access their virtual desktop and applications using:
    • Desktops/laptops running Windows or Linux operating system
    • Apple Mac OSX-based desktops/laptops
    • Apple iPhones and iPads
    • Android smart phones
    • Tablets
    • Thin clients
    • Zero clients
  • Various choices of memory configuration options are available for subscription: 
    • Basic VDI (1vCPU, 2GB Ram, 30GB HDD)
    • Standard VDI (2vCPU, 4GB Ram, 30GB HDD)
  • Supports
    • Dedicated VDI desktop mode
    • Client drive and printer mapping
    • Multiple monitors
    • Citrix HDX technology to deliver high-definition desktop user experience for multimedia-type applications over any network
    • Multiple-factor authentication and traffic encryption
  • VDI session disconnects and reconnects support
  • Offers choices of network connectivity to virtual desktop via secure IPSec VPN, IPLC or the Internet
  • User-configurable firewall protects virtual desktop instances against various kinds of Internet attacks
  • All virtual desktop instances can be centrally managed and their performances monitored using Citrix XenDesktop management portal
  • Optional HCSC Online Backup Service is available for subscription to protect customer data stored on their virtual desktops


Key Attributes

  • Technology from Citrix XenDesktop and Hitachi Data Systems
  • Centralized management
  • Flexible desktop performance
  • Offers access from any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Choice of access to virtual desktop instances including VPN, IPLC and the Internet
  • HDX technology
  • Traffic encryption
  • Configurable user firewall policies
  • Email alert and notifications for problems and errors
  • 24/7 support


Key Benefits

  • Reliable and secure
    • Technology from Citrix XenDesktop and Hitachi Data Systems
    • Cloud infrastructure with Hitachi Compute Blade Server and Hitachi storage solutions, streamlining computing performance and ensuring high reliability
    • Built on a fully resilient cloud infrastructure with no single point of failure and delivering 99.95% system uptime
    • Service is managed transparently against SLOs
    • Simple and secure deployment
  • Flexibility
    • Pay-per-desktop-per-month subscription
    • Virtual desktop performance can be chosen or upgraded based on needs
    • Additional shared desktop instances can be provisioned on-demand
  • Service Oriented Deliverables
    • Performance report
    • 24/7 support center with alerts and monitoring
  • Cost-effective
    • Eliminates capex costs
    • Reduces operating costs and TCO
    • Simple and affordable monthly subscriptions
    • On-demand pricing


Service Quality

  • All Service Operation Center staff are ITIL certified
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified 


Solution Diagram