Disaster Recovery

The Hitachi Cloud Services Connection (HCSC) Disaster Recovery Service combines a number of next-generation recovery technologies including disk-based recovery, application-aware and continuous data protection, and WAN optimization to offer a cloud-based disaster recovery service that help customers to protect mission-critical applications.


Customer Challenges

Mission-critical application and system recovery is important for businesses of all sizes. The cost of traditional disaster recovery solutions is often  very high, and they may be inadequate and offer poor RPO/RTO. With exponential data growth and increasing complexity of systems, recovering applications rapidly while minimizing data loss is becoming crucial for maintaining business continuity.


Solution Description

HCSC DRaaS uses “data tap” technology, which uses a lightweight (~0-3%) agent to collect data changes from production servers as they occur and send them over the network to the customer’s HCSC DR Repository.

This service protects customer systems at the application, data and system operation levels by executing a failover of the protected system to a cloud instance during natural or man-made disasters.


Key Features

  • Protects Microsoft® Windows® and Linux servers
  • Enables application-aware disaster recovery for
    • Microsoft Exchange®
    • Microsoft SQL Server® and Microsoft SharePoint
    • Oracle, MySQL
    • Blackberry Server and SAP
  • Ensures application consistency by checking at regular intervals using VSS-API application
  • Optimized for cloud and WAN
    • Features TCP optimization and data compression
    • Encrypts data before leaving the source
  • Offers a disaster recovery service and supports granular file recovery
    • Restores failed system as a cloud instance to any point in time
    • Recovers lost files and data from any recovery point
    • Features customizable time- or volume-based retention policy
  • Continuous data protection and block-based replication technology captures and sends only changed data
  • Allows DR drills to be conducted separately as cloud instances without affecting the production system
  • Works with any and all applications to provide near-zero RPO and RTO
  • Replicates regardless of storage type and vendors
  • Comprehensive customer portal and dashboard for replication status and reports
  • Automatic alerting on replication and recovery status

Disaster Recovery

  • Failover mission-critical compute system to a cloud instance with predictable RPO and RTO
  • TCP optimization and compression and encryption provide security for data in flight, and I/O profiling

Data Protection

  • Granular recovery of data is made consistent using VSS-API application
  • Enhances protection with unique data taps and continuous data protection with multiple recovery points


Solution Diagram