Security & Availability


  • How are my server and data secured in the HCSC Cloud?

Each tenant is in an isolated environment and you will have full control of your servers.

  • What network services are available for my virtual server?

You will have full control of your own virtual firewall appliance and can configure network services such as Public IP, NAT, DHCP and incoming firewall rule settings.

  • How secure is your data center?

HCSC cloud is hosted at Tier3+ data centre with ISO27001 certification. The entire cloud infrastructure is protected by two-tier firewalls with Intrusion Prevention System to safeguard Internet level attacks.

  • Do you provide VPN or any secure connections?

Yes, you can enable site-to-site IPSec VPN to connect their network to the cloud vDC. You can also enable a  point-to-point dedicated network connection as optional service.

  • What happens if your physical server fails?

All our hypervisors are fully monitored. If any of the hypervisor fails, the affected virtual server will be automatically restarted on other available hypervisors without the need for user intervention.

  • Where do you store my data and are they safe?

All data are stored at Hitachi enterprise-class SAN storage.

  • How do you separate and segregate duties to limit or eliminate insider abuse within your organization?

Change management and procedure are strictly implemented and executed.  No single person can complete authentication or authorization to move, manipulate, manage or manhandle any data.

  • What is the action for security incidents detected by cloud security facilities?

We provide 7x24 cloud infrastructure and performance monitoring.  Whenever there is incident generated by the system, our support team will classify and assign severity to each incident.  We also have escalation procedure to get our expertise for further inspection.